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Uniqueness of the Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys

The Vancouver Grizzlies debuted in the league during the 1995/96 season and lasted until the 2000/01 season when they moved to Memphis. From 95 to 00 they wore quite unique jerseys at home and on the road. Their road jerseys have an eye catching teal color. Normally the outlines of jerseys are plain or have two/three tone coloring with lines. The Grizzlies diverted from the norm by creating circles and markings to recognize Native Americans in the region. The Vancouver and Grizzlies name font looks great with claw marks all over. The "G" and "S" are also prominent and emphasizes those letters that make the nameplate more bold. Brown is a color very pro sports teams use and its integrated nicely to match their Grizzly Bear logo. The Vancouver nameplate of red matches the outline on the sleeves. Overall the Grizzlies had one of the more unique home/road jerseys the league has seen.

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