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Hornets Inaugural Warmup Jackets....

The Charlotte Hornets debuted in the NBA during the 1988/89 Season. The color schemes, jerseys, and logo were one of the most popular in the NBA. Their current logo is much more different than their old logo. "Hugo" is the name of their mascot and during the inaugural season the team made a logo that highlights the letter H along with a black hornet holding a basketball. The team would later update the logo to show a more expressive and bright Hornet wearing sneakers and dribbling a basketball and the lettering of Charlotte on top and Hornets at the bottom of the new logo.

Hornets Warmup Jacket

Here's a link to the logo :

This logo and colorway would make the Hornets one of the most popular teams in the NBA in merchandise sales. Currently they do wear their retro pinstripe jerseys for a few games and design the court with the same dribbling Hugo....

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