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Creativity of the Toronto Raptors "Dino" Jersey

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

The Toronto Raptors had their debut NBA Season in 1995. One of the more unique and eye catching jerseys is their "Dino" jersey. The bold purple graphics, unique fonts, and pinstripes make it a real eye catcher.

Creativity of the Toronto Raptors "Dino" Jersey

For example the pinstripes were also worn by the Charlotte Hornets and they had straight vertical lines. The Dino jersey has jagged lines so although they run vertically it's not a clean straight line. These jerseys were worn by the Raptors until the 98/99 season. During that time frame Champion and Nike were the official suppliers. They weren't really used by the team until recently when Nike took over as the NBA's jersey supplier. There are many replica versions on the market which shows you popular these jerseys are!

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