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Minnesota Timberwolves Expansion Jerseys.....


The Minnesota Timberwolves had their inaugural season as an expansion team in the 89/90 campaign. They came into the league at the same time as the Orlando Magic. Both franchises had excellent jerseys so lets look at the Timberwolves Design. The royal blue and green scheme stands out well for the road model. The team used the name "Wolves" considering Timberwolves is too long to put on the front in a large font. There is a two tone color scheme for the letters and numbers which matches the sleeve area. Overall it's a basic jersey that doesn't have any bold graphics or pinstripes. A classic design which was a bit different than the approach the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets did with their pinstripes. The Twolves would wear these jersey until the 95/96 season. The logo they had at the time with a wolf face in front of a basketball blended well with the jersey/short combination. After the 95/96 season the team started incorporating their official name on the front of the jerseys along with a different color scheme and new logo. Overall the basic design of the expansion jerseys are well liked in our opinion....

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