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Spurs Alternate Jerseys....

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


The San Antonio Spurs introduced alternate jerseys in their profile during the 2012/13 season and have been using them ever since. Till then they had been wearing the traditional white and black home and road jerseys respectively. The Alternate jerseys are pretty sleek. The large Spur in the center really highlights their distinct logo. They use the logo to substitute the "U" in their traditional jerseys so all they did was make it larger for the alternate version making it stand out tremendously. There's 3 tone lettering for the numbers and player names with the traditional colorway. The V neck is a nice touch highlighting the black, white, and gray colorway extending around to the sides of the jerseys also. The Spurs could have used an entirely different color for the alternate but keeping it in line with their traditional colorway was a great choice. Overall an excellent jersey that's not outrageous.

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