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Catchy graphics entailed with 76ers jerseys.....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Retro Sixers Jersyes - Catchy graphics entailed with 76ers jerseys

The Philadelphia 76ers uniforms in the early 90's were some of the most profound jerseys graphically. The team name font is pretty basic and shown as a screen print. What makes the jersey stand out is the varying sizes of the stars. The stars move from the top to the bottom with a distinct blue streak in the background. The stars and the blue streak take a significant portion of the front of the jersey which is unique. Normally the base of the jersey wouldn't have so much space dedicated to graphics. Other teams like the Toronto Raptors of the mid 90s come to mind in terms of large bold graphics. The use of the horizontal nameplate is also unique. The Atlanta Hawks uniforms in the 80's used a similar nameplate placement. The only stitching on the jersey is for the two-tone numbers and back nameplate along with the customary NBA logo. The red, white, and blue colors of the 76ers are distinctively classic!

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