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Style of 1980's NBA Warm Ups....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Retro NBA Warmup Jackets - Style of 1980's NBA Warm Ups

The style of NBA warm up jackets in the 1980's is very unique. For example this Dallas Mavericks warm up jacket is quite the piece. There are large butterfly type collars. Than you have 2 tone colors running down the side sleeves. Two large pockets in the front which are rare for a warm up since most don't have any pockets except 80's warmups. You have the logo on the front but on the back there is the circular nameplate for more recognition.

Mcgregor Sand Knit was the exclusive licensee to produce official game issued gear like jerseys and warmups. Later on they would be used to manufacture jerseys for other licensees like Adidas.

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