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Rawlings MLB Jerseys...

Rawlings MLB Jerseys

Rawlings is synonymous with producing baseball gloves, bat, helmets, baseballs, and apparel. They have had long ties with Major League Baseball as they used to produce authentic game jerseys for all the teams in the 80's. The jerseys produced were all polyester material. All jerseys had embroidered graphics as no teams used screen print. Teams varied in style as some wore v-neck pullovers and others wore button ups. The distinctive Rawlings logo would be embroidered on the right sleeve area and there would also be a jock tag placed on the bottom left hand side. Game worn jerseys often would have the jock tag placed on the inner side of the material (left inner side). No MLB logos were embroidered onto the jersey like teams wear these days. The price points were over $100 which was very high. Overall though Rawlings did a great job producing jerseys for Major League Baseball.

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