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Pistol Pete.....

Pete Maravich AKA "Pistol" was one of the most prolific scorers in NCAA history while playing ball at Louisiana State University. During a period when there was no 3 point line Pistol averaged over 40 points per game at LSU. He was a legend in the state of Louisiana before he even stepped on campus. The nickname "Pistol" was so synonymous with him that it would be applied to the back of his jersey for one of the NBA teams he played for....the Atlanta Hawks. The 73/74 jersey would feature the nickname. The jersey itself is a nice combination of white/red/yellow. The piping runs around the sleeve area and goes all the way down the sides making it stand out. Numbers and lettering were embroidered onto the jersey also. Few if any players had their nickname on the back of their jersey so Pistol is the guy who started any trend if there is going to be one.....the legend Pistol Pete Maravich.

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