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Nike NCAA Authentics....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Nike NCAA Authentics Jerseys & Shorts

In the Mid 90's Nike made a decision to manufacture official NCAA jerseys and shorts for many of the universities they sponsored. They made a slew of high quality jerseys and shorts available for purchase thru select retail outlets. It was a nice way to get fans excited about their teams. The most popular players were distributed in both replica and authentic versions....with no names on the back. The quality was right in line to what the teams wore. For example the North Carolina Tar Heels wore very heavy polyester mesh jerseys. Some team wore light weight "dazzle" mesh like Michigan, Duke, Syracuse, and FSU. It would be nice to see Nike start to do this again on a National level but due to the ever changing student athlete marketing/rights case with the NCAA it seems highly unlikely. Nike has released a number of retro player jerseys for school great however but the quality doesn't fall in line with these authentic versions....

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