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Nike Aeroswift Jersey Technology

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Nike Aeroswift Jersey Technology

When Nike took over as the leagues official jersey supplier in the 2017/18 season it brought new innovations in performance and technology. They introduced Aeroswift technology. Just like the Adidas Rev 30 jerseys, Nike focused on fit, movement, and body temperature regulation. Nike used bio data to identify how often players run at full speed and jump, among other things. Several NBA teams tested Aeroswift technolgy during practices and gave their input. “Temperature is huge,” said two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash. “When a fabric breathes better and absorbs sweat better you can stay warm — but not be too warm on the court. According to Nike each jersey represents approximately 20 water bottles that were discarded, reclaimed, melted, and turned into a polyester material.

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