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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Nickname Game Jerseys

On January 14th 2014 the Miami Heat played a road game against the Brooklyn Nets. Nothing special about this game on paper except for the fact that every active player had a nickname on the back their jersey. It was the first and only time the NBA played a game with nicknames on the backs of jerseys. If your looking for some context as to what what each player had on the back here it is :


Dwyane Wade: D. Wade

Ray Allen: J. Shuttlesworth

Michael Beasley: B Easy

Mario Chalmers: Rio

Norris Cole: Cole Train

LeBron James: King James

Rashard Lewis: Sweet Lew

Roger Mason Jr.: Moneymase

Greg Oden: G.O.


Deron Williams: D-Will

Andray Blatche: Dray Live

Brook Lopez: Brooklyn

Kevin Garnett: The Big Ticket

Mason Plumlee: Plums

Paul Pierce: Truth

Reggie Evans: Joker

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