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Nets Jerseys....

The New Jersey Nets have had a tough time breaking in to the New York Knicks mystique in the New York/Jersey area. Their time at the Meadowlands arena was lackluster to say the least until the Jason Kidd era. Lets take a look at a Vince Carter Road jersey. The navy blue base color with three tone letters and numbers look great. The numbers and letters of this era were a bit on the heavy side but nonetheless it was not too bulky. The silver in the numbers and letters are very eye catching. The three tone color piping along the collar and arm areas provide a nice complimentary to the base navy color and lettering. What really makes the jersey stand out are the white diamonds running along the sides. Next to the diamonds is more 3 color piping running vertically.


Overall these were great looking jerseys. Personally I think they would look even better if Nets were inscribed rather then New Jersey!

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