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All Star Game and Warmups...

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

All Star Game and Warmups - Jackets, Shooting Shirts & Jerseys

The 1998 All Star Game was one of the few times the players wore their actual uniforms as mentioned in another blog post. What was also worn for that game were Warmup Jackets and Pants which were used during the regular season. Upon examining pictures it can be seen that players brought their entire collection of warmup jackets, shooting shirts, and pullovers to the game as well as pants. Although not all of them were worn by all players a few "layered" the warmups (shooting shirts and jackets) over each other. The Lakers were represented by 4 players on the western conference so they had a large presence of purple and gold. It was a pretty colorful mix of styles and designs because back than there was no exclusive licensee for the NBA when it came to on court apparel. Nike, Champion, and Starter were the official licensees so each team aligned themselves with one of the three. This created a nice mix of style and no uniformity for the 1998 All Star Game....

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