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2010 NBA All Star Game....

2010 NBA All Star Game Jersey

The 2010 NBA All Star Game was played in Dallas Texas and the jerseys worn were quite "futuristic." There is a large star that serves as the back drop. There are even more stars which are tiny on each side of the jersey. The font used is pretty sleek especially the name area (West, East). The Star around the NBA logo on the sleeve is a nice touch. They could have made it the same colors as the jersey but chose to do the traditional red, white, and blue outlying the white Jerry West silhouette. The 3 stripes on each side signify the partnership the NBA has with Adidas. There are more stars on each sleeve and a nice 2010 emblem that outlined the sleeve area going to front of the jersey. Since the game was played at the Dallas Cowboys stated which was/is considered the most modern stadium in the world I think the league wanted a design that was futuristic. Overall these jerseys are one of the more unique designs for the all star game....

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