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Modern NBA Jersey History

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

modern nba jersey history

Here's a breakdown of the official jersey suppliers for the league....

Champion was the official supplier for all NBA Clubs from the 1989/90 thru 1996/97 seasons.

After that there were a number of suppliers and each had contracts with specific teams. For the purpose of this read we'll just tell you which company worked with the league in what seasons.

Champion = 96/97 thru 00/01

Nike = 96/97 and 97/98

Starter = 96/97 and 97/98

Puma = 99/00 and 00/01

Champion = 01/02

Reebok = 01/02

Nike = 01/02 thru 03/04

Reebok = 02/03 (Supplies Champion teams also)

- Becomes official league supplier in 04/05

- Continues thru 05/06

Adidas becomes official league supplier starting in 06/07 season. They continue to supply all teams until 16/17 (contract expired after the season). Adidas Rev 30's jerseys are introduced in the 10/11 season. It's major break through for the improvement of jerseys with lightweight and breathable material.

Nike becomes official leagues supplier from 2017/18.....

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