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1984 Chicago Bulls Jerseys

Michael Jordan Rookie Jersey Road

The Chicago Bulls jerseys of the early/mid 80's went on to become one of the more popular jerseys as a result of Michael Jordan's greatness. Let's take a look at some of the basic features of the road jerseys they wore. It falls in line with the basic mesh "theme" other teams had in the 80's. The Chicago script is written in cursive but the lettering is screen printed. The letters and names on the back were also screen printed. The Chicago name is written horizontally and the numbers are placed in lower left hand corner basically. Having a city name on the front of the jersey was a unique thing for the time since most if not all jerseys had team names. Placing smaller numbers in the corner of the jersey was also something not done by other teams. The size of the number fonts on the jerseys were also fairly atypical. The piping along the sleeves highlights the red, black, and white team color scheme. Overall the jersey is pretty basic. Michael Jordan however was anything but....

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