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Miami Heat Alternate Jerseys....

Dwayne Wade Heat Jersey Alternate

The Miami Heat introduced alternate jerseys for the 95/96 season. They had the "Heat" team name featured on the front. The "Miami" team name version debuted in the 2001/02 season and has been used since. The bold red color is used which is the logical choice since the black and white colors are worn for the road and home jerseys respectively. The Miami Font used matches the same type of font for the home and road jerseys. All three versions of Miami Heat jerseys before the 01/02 season displayed the Heat name on the front. The "new" alternate version has black on each side along with a white stripe which is fairly common. The yellow piping on both sides of the jersey gives it a nice flair although the same yellow is used for the home and road versions. The Heat introduced three different alternative colorways since the 09/10 season (Black, White, and and a lighter Maroon colorway). Those were only used for 1 season. By adding the alternative jersey to the home and road versions the Heat have a nice trio of jerseys for fans to wear!

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