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Bulls Alternate Jerseys....

Jordan Alternate Jersey

The Chicago Bulls wore an eye-catching pinstripe jersey for the 95/96 and 96/97 seasons. Of course these were the first two seasons of the second three peat. The Bulls incorporated all black uniforms for the first time and added the red pinstripes. They were one of the first teams to incorporate alternate jerseys. Champion was still the exclusive supplier of uniforms to the Bulls and all the other NBA franchises. The font for the numbers and team name was exactly the same as their home and road uniforms with three tones. The piping along the sleeves with red, black, white highlights blends in well with the black jersey base. Having the three tones for the lettering enhances the jersey tremendously. Any type of screen print would have cheapened it. The pinstripes could have been embroidered in to the fabric but that would have been against the norm. The Hornets and Raptors had stripes blended into their jerseys as well. Overall the launch of this jersey was a nice introduction by the Bulls to the possibility of having alternate uniforms designs....

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