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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Jordan Brand Hornets Jerseys

The 2017-18 season marked the inaugural season of the Jordan Brands first venture in to outfitting an NBA Franchise. The Jordan Brand is of course a subsidiary of Nike and naturally the NBA team that the Jordan Brand will be working with is the Charlotte Hornets (formerly Charlotte Bobcats). This is a natural fit considering MJ is from North Carolina and he's the majority owner of the Hornets. The Jordan Brand will only be working with one team under Nike's licensing deal with the league. There may be partnerships with other teams in the future such as the Chicago Bulls. The Jordan brand also works with the University of Michigan and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In terms of brand recognition it will be interesting to see if this increases considering these new deals. But having Nike as a "backer" definitely will help any expansion....

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