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1998 All Star Game....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

1998 All Star Game

The 1998 NBA All Star game was one of the few games played in which the players did not wear special jerseys. Normally players wore custom jerseys to commemorate the game. The same style has been used for multiple games on many occasions in the past. The 1998 game was one of a handful of games in which players wore their regular uniforms with each conference wearing either the road (western conference) or home (eastern conference) jersey. The only thing that was added to the jersey was a 98 Star Patch to commemorate the event, which was placed in the upper right sleeve area. It's not known whether these patches were removed after the game so that the jerseys could be used for the rest of the season. As far as warmups teams used their regular set for pre and post game activities. Overall its was a nice change up from having custom jerseys for each ASG game. Due to the retail profitability of creating custom jerseys it's not likely that current partner Nike will want to go back to regular uniforms.

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