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Champion Jerseys - It Takes A Little More....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Champion NBA Jerseys

The Champion Brand has a long history of producing jerseys for the NBA. Overall the champion brand has made a resurgence recently as a lifestyle clothing line. Here's a brief timeline of when Champion worked with the NBA....

From the 1990/91 season all the way up to the 2001/2002 season Champion was involved in all aspects of clothing (jerseys, hats, practice jerseys, warmups). They were heavily invested in producing replica jerseys with their "C" logo under the NBA logo on the sleeve. Champion also produced authentic and pro cut models. The number of players available in the authentic and pro cuts models were far less then the replicas. Champion produced game jerseys for all NBA teams until the late 90's when Starter and Nike signed licensing deals with the NBA. Finding information on the amount of money they paid for licensing is unavailable but the brand is definitely iconic and unique. They probably don't have the money to sign a $1 Billion dollar deal with the league like Nike did. Champion's the only former licensee that has resurfaced as a popular brand though. Their slogan is great though...."It Takes A Little More To Make A Champion"

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