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2008 NBA All Star Game Jerseys.....


The 2008 NBA All Star Game was held in New Orleans, Louisiana and featured one of the best designed Adidas jerseys during their tenure as official league sponsor. The jerseys featured the customary 3 stripes trademark for Adidas running vertically down the sides. The font script nameplate on the front is uniquely New Orleans with the winding inner links at the bottom showcasing a star below. There's a two tone color that moves along the v-neck to the the sleeve area.


The back is a different color then the front and in the case of the Eastern Conference jerseys the color is gray. It's quite a unique thing to design a jersey with a separate color for the front and back. The blue/gray color scheme blends together quite well for a nice clean look. The numbers on the back matches the font on the front but the color scheme is different. All the numbers have a shadow effect to them. There's a blue strip on the back below the shoulder area which matches the front of the jersey. Adding the two large stars next to the numbers is a great touch as well applying the official team logo on the neck area. The red piping running down the sides looks great considering there's a design applied to it...quite unique also!

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