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2014 All Star Game and Sleeves

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Adidas NBA all Star Sleeved Jerseys

The 2014 NBA All Star Game jersey was held in New Orleans Louisiana and it marked the first and only time players wore sleeved jerseys in the All Star Game. Keep in mind Adidas (NBA official supplier of jerseys) at the the time introduced this sleeve concept for the first time that season and it would be used prominently the following season also. The sleeve concept was widely viewed as comical for the most part because jerseys with sleeves was something people were not used to seeing (tanks with tees underneath was the norm). The 2014 All Star Game jerseys only highlighted the oddity of the concept. There were large logos placed in the middle, numbers were placed on the sleeves, and usually there was a secondary logo/message somewhere on these bright colored jersey. Overall the only jersey that seemed to be above average were the Cleveland Cavs black model which they wore in the NBA Finals which concluded with their only championship in franchise history.

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