Elegance of Nuggets jerseys....

1993 Nuggets Jersey

The Denver Nuggets wore a very elegant jersey from the 93/94 season all the way to the 03/04 season. Their base colors had changed from the rainbow spectrum of bright blue and yellow to more subdued tones. The Navy Blue, Maroon, and Gold colorways are tremendous. The road jerseys are elegant for a basketball The base of navy blue is a change from what most teams wear. The navy blue colorway isn't used by many teams across any sport. The gold numbers and team name plate make the jersey pop. The "N" and "S" of Nuggets were a larger font. What made the jersey really elegant was the maroon piping around the sleeve area which is perfect compliment to the Navy. There is a Gold strip inside the Maroon and a navy strip inside the gold.....this really highlights the main Navy base of the of the jersey. Overall a great jersey to grab a hold of if you can find one.....

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